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Earth is a beauty from above! The Overview Effect

An experience that is truly out of the world! I could keep reading astronaut quotes for hours! For some of them it was really difficult to find the primary sources. I ended up swapping two of the quotes because I did not have access to the originals. For a collection of other astronaut quotes you…

Put your hand in front of your mouth! Why do we yawn?

You won’t believe how often I yawned while reading for, writing and drawing this chapter! It seemed yawning was contagious on me even without any social cue! 😉 Perhaps you are as surprised as I am that the idea around blood oxygenation is this old. Indeed, the dutch doctor Johannes de Gorter assumed that yawning…

What is Psychology?

There is a lot about psychology and the psychology professions that did not fit into this little comic. If you want to get informed, you can visit the pages of the American Psychological Association (APA), the German Psychological Association (DGPs), and the German Association of Psychologists (BDP). References American Psychological Association (2022). Psychology Topics. American Psychological…

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