About psychoSoph

psychoSoph running

psychoSoph is a comic on psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience.

It is drawn by Dr. rer. nat. Sophie G. Elschner: I am a psychologist and cognitive scientist who has done her doctoral studies at the University of Konstanz, Germany, on the topics of empirical aesthetics and eye movements (eye tracking). Today I work in the science of science communication at the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Integrated Energy Systems. You can visit my homepage for more info on my scientific work and see my other drawings on the Soph’s Sketchpad blog.


psychoSoph recieved the WissKomm-Ambassador Award by the group for biological psychology and neuropsychology of the German Psychological Society e.V. and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychophysiologie und ihre Anwendungen e.V.  in 2021 for future science communication projects.

Wisskomm Ambassador Award